Benefits Enrollment &
Decision Support

Every employment group has its own specific enrollment needs. We can enroll your employees several different ways.

  • Onsite enrollment – Benefit counselors will enroll your employees in person while onsite.
  • Call center enrollment – Benefit counselors will enroll your employees over the phone. We offer three ways to support your enrollment:

Entirely via call center

All employees enroll via the call center.

Supported via call center

Benefits counselors are available to answer questions employees may have while self-enrolling.

Call center clean up

After a face-to-face enrollment, benefits counselors in our call center enroll the employees who were not available while we were onsite.

  • Self enrollment – Employees self elect their own benefits online.
  • Combination of enrollment methods – We often combine the enrollment methods above to increase flexibility and provide employees multiple ways to enroll.

Employees want and need decision support provided by non-commission based benefit counselors who are specially trained in how your employee benefits work.

Bilingual benefits counselors are available.

Active Enrollment Strategy

An active enrollment strategy benefits you and your employees.

Communicate and support a simple enrollment message:

Active Enrollment Message: Each employee needs to complete the enrollment process to update their personal information, update their beneficiaries and enroll or decline each benefit offered even if they might not be interested in benefits.

How we support the enrollment message:

  • Help you communicate the enrollment message to your employees.
  • Focus on completing the enrollment process for each eligible employee.
  • Provide an online enrollment resource center that provides employee access to all benefit information in one place.
  • Use licensed, non-commission based benefit counselors to educate your employees on their benefits and facilitate the enrollment process.
  • Keep you up-to-date during the enrollment on which employees still need to complete their enrollment.

Benefits to You:

By asking each of your employees to complete the enrollment process, you’ll get:

  • Updated demographic and beneficiary information for all employees.
  • Employee benefit education and enrollment support.

  • A record of each employee’s completed enrollment.

  • Better underwriting offers for your employees from your carrier partners.

  • Full access to all Forester enrollment services.

  • Ongoing benefit support throughout the year.

  • Reduced ben admin costs.

Benefit Communications

Education and Decision Support

On-site Benefit Counselors

Professionally trained benefit counselors are available to meet with employees individually for decision and tech support

Call Center Benefit Counselors

Each client receives a dedicated call-center number to support employees staffed with professionally trained benefit counselors

Open Enrollment Communications Site

Each client receives a dedicated website for open enrollment that includes product videos, links to self-elect enrollment and scheduling for call center counselors

Perpetual New Hire Services with QLE Processing

Direct assistance for newly hired employees and those who experience Qualifying Life Events

Perpetual New Hire Services with QLE Processing and Core Carrier Portal Entry

Our team will also manage core carrier portal entries to those carriers who do not have established EDI